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Negotiation Training

Negotiation is at the heart of every business' success. It is the defining factor in maximisation of value, and ultimately profitability.

At BreakPoint Black, we are fascinated by how advanced experiential training methods can be combined with deep expertise in negotiation to ensure skill acquisition, enhance knowledge retention and refine judgement developing profoundly capable negotiators.

Our development programs will take you on an exciting journey of learning and self discovery. We develop negotiators who return to their business empowered to drive sustainable change and maximise profitability.

We unlock your performance together.

The Master Negotiator
The Master Negotiator

3.5 - day experiential program

Our most in-depth negotiation training programme,

The Master Negotiator breaks convention in its application of deep experiential learning. You’ll embark upon an immersive journey in self-awareness and negotiation behavioural change. 

Through a carefully choreographed development path, The Master Negotiator programme ensures the understanding and ability to negotiate appropriately to capitalise on the opportunity in any negotiation context. 

The Sharp Negotiator
The Immersive Programme

2 - day immersive programme

Our most popular training programme, The Immersive Programme teaches the full range of negotiation knowledge, skills and behaviours, within a continuously evolving business scenario. 

This programme prepares candidates for the true pressure and discomfort of negotiation by recreating real-world conditions with the benefit of expert coaching, support and feedback. 

Our single adaptive behavioural model prepares delegates with a process for all types of negotiation they might face in their commercial world.

1-2-1 Coaching

Bespoke session planning

BreakPoint Black's consultants offer you the benefit of years of rich negotiation experience, combined with the company's structured training and consulting methods. 

So whether it's a brush up on your skills and knowledge, or a helping hand in planning your negotiation moves to a T, our consultants are here to help.

1-2-1 Coaching
Women in Business Negotiator Series 

150 min  experiential workshop

Feel inspired | Be empowered | Fulfil your potential


The Women in Business Negotiate Series delivers  negotiation workshops all over the U.K. built to empower individuals to achieve their true value in their careers. 


See negotiation in a new light.

Through one of our powerful, compact workshops, understand the role negotiation can play to propel you forward in your career, ensuring you have the skills and confidence you need to get the right deal for you at each stage of your professional journey.

Women in Business Negotiator Series
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