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About Ember

Established in 2017, Ember is a leading meat snacks brand retailing in the UK, Europe and US. Makers of healthy, high protein snacks available in supermarkets and direct-to-consumer online, they have grown rapidly, gaining huge recognition for the quality and providence of their product. 



Ember’s growth had been supported by building an ambitious, energetic team, promoted within the business as it grew. With no common negotiation knowledge or skill level amongst key staff, they were unable to maximise the value available across their dealings with suppliers and retailers. 

Co-founders Jack and Harry Mayhew identified that the potential for significant COG savings and revenue improvements across all product lines if the team were able to manage their negotiations more effectively. With a powerful negotiation capability embedded across the team, Ember could accelerate its growth in a competitive food and drink retail environment. 



BreakPoint Black consultants prepared an experiential negotiation training workshop for members of the management, supply chain and marketing teams. Participants navigated an immersive, live business scenario carefully crafted to bring out each desired learning outcome with expert training from a BreakPoint Black negotiation consultant. With BreakPoint Black tuition, the Ember delegates were able to manage discomfort, time pressure and many commercial obstacles to negotiate a series of key deals. Training prepared the team for each different negotiation, and personalised video debriefings shaped the unique learning journey of each participant.  

The team adopted a range of behaviours and technical skills preparing them with a single adaptive model for each real negotiation back at work. 



The programme had a major impact on Ember team member’s negotiation performance back at work where:

Ember Co-founder Jack Mayhew said:

“This programme has embedded a level of skill, process and confidence across our team which has allowed them to immediately significantly improve our returns and our cost-base. The compounding effect of this approach across all our negotiations will be huge for the business – I believe negotiation it is the single most valuable business skillset and BreakPoint Black’s unique immersive teaching programme is the most powerful way to learn I have come across”


  • 100% of Ember participants would highly recommend the programme to their colleagues and industry peers

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