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The world moves forward through negotiation. 

Get ahead with BreakPoint Black.


Negotiation is a complex, high consequence business activity. At best it can dramatically improve the profitability of your organisation. At worst it can destroy value and undermine your commercial success. 

With support from our negotiation experts, you and your team will enter your negotiations with the confidence that your strategy, planning and execution are optimised to maximise your success. 

Our method

Rigorous intelligence gathering

Our intelligence gathering process ensures we fully understand the nature of the negotiations you face from the perspective of you and the other parties involved. Together we gather and map all relevant commercial and human information, building the foundations for a robust negotiation strategy.

Opportunity and risk mapping

Together, we understand the opportunities for value creation and any potential risks to the short and long-term performance of your agreement. This comprehensive approach ensures the maximum value capture and the long-term performance of agreements reached. 

Structured negotiation planning

Successful negotiation depends on effective preparation. Together we'll build a negotiation plan to guide you in execution. Armed with a robust plan, the peak performance of you and your team at the negotiating table is assured. 

Execution oversight

Negotiations involve pressure, discomfort and behavioural volatility. Together we will ensure the clinical execution of your negotiation plan, supporting you and your team throughout the process, whatever occurs. 





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