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About Showpad

Showpad is a leading sales enablement platform.  A global SaaS business with a team of 500, Showpad supports the world’s leading companies with sales enablement tools including sales content management, sales readiness and effectiveness solutions, and a broad spectrum of integrations.



Showpad’s Customer Success team and client-base had grown significantly in the last 36 months. Showpad had set a strategic focus on growth of ARR and creation of additional contract value across the entire client-base through the contract renewal process.  The challenge identified was a lack of negotiation capability across the CS team to plan and execute renewal negotiations in order to maximise each deal. Renewals were commonly being agreed with heavy discounts and widespread erosion of contract value.


Global VP of Customer Success, Floris Tallieu knew that the pace of growth could be boosted significantly with a confident and consistent negotiation capability across the whole department. They needed to transform the CS team into skilled, prepared and assertive deal makers using established negotiation process to maximise the value of each and every renewal. 



After interviewing a range of CS team members, the BreakPoint Black team prepared a negotiation training program for the whole CS population.  Artfully taught throughout three-day experiential workshops for groups of eight, the team of 47 were able to face and overcome the planning, behavioural and technical challenges of a spectrum of different negotiation types. Personalised, rich feedback throughout enabled each individual to experience their own unique development journey.

A follow-up day with each group eight weeks later involved applying and embedding the learnings to build real plans for chosen Q4 renewals.



The Showpad CS team have embedded new negotiation working practices within the contract renewal process since undertaking the program with BreakPoint Black. They have defined an exhaustive set of negotiation parameters which are being used in the renewal discussions to increase the lifetime value of every single customer. The CSMs feel significantly more empowered to engage in these commercial discussions with decision-makers and procurement teams.


Floris Tallieu, Global VP of Customer Success said: 

“Thanks to the practices taught by BreakPoint Black, we have embedded a contract value growth mindset into our entire Customer Success team. Not a single renewal will pass without any strategic thinking to maximise value, yet maintaining a customer-centric focus. A prime example showing the impact of the program can be seen in the contract lengths negotiated at renewal, as we have seen an increase of more than 10%pts in multi-year vs. 1-year contracts.”

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