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Let's make a plan for your career negotiations

Your confidence is our commitment

Career negotiation coaching 

Negotiating the right deal at each stage of our careers can make the difference between meteoric and middling progression. 

Career negotiations can be complex, uncomfortable and sometimes even scary. However, 1-2-1 career negotiation coaching with a BreakPoint Black expert will deliver the preparation, process and confidence you need to succeed and supercharge your career. 

Our method

Careful information gathering

Our information gathering process ensures we fully understand the nature of the negotiations you face. Crucially, we take into account the perspectives of you, and the other parties involved. Together we gather and map all relevant commercial and human information, building the foundations for a robust negotiation strategy.

Opportunity and relationship mapping

As your support team, we understand the opportunities for compensation maximisation and value creation. We assess the relationships in play and plan for their success, long after your negotiations have concluded. This all encompassing approach ensures maximum value capture for you, while protecting your harmonious working environment. 

Structured negotiation planning

Successful negotiation depends on effective preparation. Together we'll build a negotiation plan to guide you in execution. Equipped with a robust plan, your confidence is assured and your path is clear. 

Execution oversight

The twists and turns of negotiations can involve pressure and discomfort. Our follow up sessions will support your decision making over the duration of your negotiations. Your success is our priority.





Career coaching anchor

James S.

"BreakPoint Black's analysis of my situation and the negotiation plan we constructed together turned what I thought was a dead-end into a fantastic result! I would never have achieved this outcome without them."

Philippa M.

"BreakPoint Black supported me every step of the way as I negotiated a tricky salary increase in my current role. They quickly understood the complexities of my job, the key stakeholders involved and the strengths I contributed to the company to create a robust negotiation strategy which led to a 12% salary increase."

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