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Negotiate your success.

We empower individuals and organisations to negotiate at the highest level.

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About us

BreakPoint Black is a specialist negotiation consultancy. We deliver bespoke negotiation strategies to our clients.


Our negotiation training programs deliver long term behavioural change and make dramatic improvements in our client's profitability. 

BreakPoint Black’s negotiation training methods were born in trading, where skill and behavioural development make the difference between success and failure on a grand scale. 

Our method

We provide integrated negotiation training and consulting. This empowers individuals and teams to negotiate at the highest level and provides critical guidance when it matters most. 


We use immersive and experiential learning techniques and rich feedback environments to develop elite negotiators.  


Your consulting partner from negotiation planning to execution. Together we complete rigorous intelligence gathering, construct bespoke negotiation strategies and guide precise implementation to maximise each deal for you. 

Negotiation Training

Negotiation is at the heart of every business' success. It is the defining factor in maximisation of value, and ultimately profitability.

At BreakPoint Black, we are fascinated by how advanced experiential training methods can be combined with deep expertise in negotiation to ensure skill acquisition, enhance knowledge retention and refine judgement developing profoundly capable negotiators.

Our development programs will take you on an exciting journey of learning and self discovery. We develop negotiators who return to their business empowered to drive sustainable change and maximise profitability.

We unlock your performance together.

Consulting Anchor
Negotiation Training

Negotiation Consulting

We have the knowledge and expertise to address the risk, complexity and opportunity specific to each negotiation your organisation faces. 

We harness intelligence gathering, structured analysis and creative negotiation strategy building, preparing you and your team to capitalise on the inherent opportunities in your negotiations.

Our negotiation consultants empower your team to identify value creation opportunities, minimise risks and execute to a precise, robust plan.


The world moves forward through negotiation. Get ahead with Breakpoint Black.

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Get in touch...

We’d love to discuss your negotiation journey. If you would like further information on how we can help you and your team negotiate for success, just call, email or fill out the form below.

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